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The mission of the College Ready in Mathematics and Physics Partnership is to enhance mathematics and physics learning for all students in its partner districts and teacher-preparation programs in partner institutions, closing achievement gaps, and preparing students for success in mathematics, science, and teaching careers. This will be achieved by building learning communities of 7-12 teachers and college faculty that foster and nurture smooth access to, productive disposition toward, and preparation for success in college.

Who are we?

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Mission Statement:

“Our youth should not be shackled by limiting adult perceptions of their potential, but rather adults should ensure that our youth own the mathematical and scientific knowledge, dispositions and skills that will allow them to explore the post-secondary options of their choosing, in the near and long-term. It's about preparation, opportunity, and options for all.”                                 

                                                                                           Kathleen Bergin

                                                                           Program Director

                                                                                           National Science Foundation

Supporting Partners:

American Physical Society - American Association of Physics Teachers

The College Board - Center for Mathematics and Science Education

Kiamichi Technology Centers - Mathematical Association of America

Maplesoft - Northwest Arkansas Community College 

This partnership supported in part by NSF Grant DUE-0832091

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Gates receives National Medal of Science

Sylvester James “Jim” Gates, Jr., a colleague of College Ready PI Gay Stewart, recently was awarded the National Medal of Science, the nation’s highest award in science. Gates is the John S. Toll Professor of Physics and Director of the Center for String & Particle Theory at the University of Maryland. Below is the link to a brief YouTube video in which Gates discusses “The Importance of Doing Science.”

    The American Physical Society (APS) recently released a new science application, SpectraSnapp, through Apple’s iTunes store that will allow users to turn their iPhone or iPad into a spectroscopic device that can analyze common sources of light.

    According to the APS website, “SpectraSnapp is an app that APS developed that can break down any incoming light into its various wavelengths.”

APS Releases Colorful New Science App

Photo credit: Michael Lucibella, APS

APS Public Outreach Specialist James Roche demonstrates the SceptraSnapp app that is now available for free in iTunes.